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Spotlight: Danny Morales

By | In Uncategorized | on December 21, 2014

Danny Morales, 36, has been kickboxing since he was four. His brother was a trainer, then aged 16, trained Morales at home, and was a fan of Bruce Lee, and Joe Lewis, the world champion bare-knuckle kick boxer. Today, Morales’ brother is still his trainer. Thirty-two years of training and hard work later, Danny Morales is a superior athlete at boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts.

Morales trained for years but never took the sports of kickboxing, boxing, or MMA seriously until he turned 23. The loss of a loved one and his decision to leave college made him take his fitness more seriously and train harder. It was when Morales was 23 that he entered a world amateur fight and won it 11-0.

Timothy Davis, one of the owners of All American Athletes Fitness Center, attended the same high school as Morales. Davis explained the benefits of the center to Morales when the two reunited years after graduation. Three and a half years later Morales is still seeing the benefits from working with professional trainers and the specialized workouts at All American Athletes Fitness Center.

All American Athletes Fitness Center in Stamford has really helped Morales to, “strengthen weaker points,” and his “combinations are stronger,” he said, and added, “All American Athletes helps athletes perform better.”

This Friday, November 22, Morales will take on the US Kickboxing Champion Lightweight Title holder in Long Island. The fight is technically a challenge, not a fight for the title. Morales says he feels, “Confident, strong, anxious, and I can’t wait.”

Morales’ advice to the younger athletes interested in MMA, boxing, and kickboxing is “Be loyal to the sport, respect it. You can get hurt if you don’t take it seriously,” he says, “ All the training before the fight; you have to train every day, six to seven days per week, six to eight hours per day, all to prepare your body to take a beating,” Morales said.

Morales’ inspiration is his family and his own personal fitness.

“Just knowing how skilled I am, all the years I have been doing this, my children,” is what keeps him going, he said.


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